"I knew i'd be the next Olivia Newton John one day and I loved it! Go Pink Ladies"

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"I was having lunch with my groom-to-be in our new apartment when all of a sudden the bell started ringing and the next thing I see is all of my best friends running into the kitchen, putting a blindfold over my eyes and kidnapping me from my new home. We are in the car, listening to music and I am not allowed to see where we are headed. 
I already knew I would have the time of my life! When we reached our destination I started feeling the warmth of lighting, music in the background and I got very excited. I though I'd do some kind of dancing but when they took my blindfold off, I realized I would be able to reenact one of my favorite movies ever: Grease!

Throughout the class I fell like we were having the prom dance off with my buddies Frenchie and Rizzo whilst I, Olivia Newton John, was falling in love with Dany Zuko... How much fun did we have learning the handjive and rocking the class away! Thank you so much Dance Follies for making my bachelorette so special and for teaching us this great routine! We performed it at our wedding and our guests were gobsmacked!"

Sarah, your biggest dance fan!

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